Getting shit done during The Fuckening

It finally happened.

We call it The Fuckening.

It’s when everything goes completely wrong, and it has to happen at least once when you’re writing a promo (a loooong-ass piece of copy that’s anywhere between 7,000 to 20,000 words).

I’m so glad I was warned, lol!

Because everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

So what happened?

1 – Power cut out four to five times in the past week alone.

I’ll never understand how above-ground electric cables survive the cold and damp of Tbilisi winters and NOT dry, hot summers. (There’s probably a science-y explanation out there that I don’t care to look up.)

2 – Internet also cut out at the same time…

And the nearest cafe with Wifi is 30 minutes away. It’s a true sign of The Fuckening when you pack your laptop and all your gear, and have your ride booked, and you’re finally ready to leave… and the power comes back on.

3 – I had to work out without electricity.

This was fun. So I’ve fallen in love with virtual personal training because it removes ALL my excuses for not working out… (Seriously, I wish I had this option when I was teaching, but I was working 12-14 hours days.)

But no thanks to the power outages, my laptop was hooked up to spotty WiFi from my phone… and my trainer had to constantly guess if I’d finished all my reps for a set when my internet would cut out.

I also kind of liked it?

I’ve never done hot yoga because I’m from Singapore and walking anywhere is ALREADY hot yoga… but I can get down with the endorphins I get from working out in a warm room in Tbilisi with no AC or fan running.

Maybe once a month?

4 – I was in major panic mode over my promo.

Imagine trying to write on an empty stomach… Yeah, I can’t either. (Fuck dieting.) Then imagine trying to write as your eyesight starts blurring, your brain fogs over, and you black out. That was happening more and more frequently to me… and I was convinced I was going to tank the promo.

But I have great news! I’ve finished writing a full first draft of the behemoth. I used some Jedi mind tricks to get myself to the finish line which I can share with you next week. (But then I’ve always been this way. Sick people can get shit done too, y’know.)

There are a few gaps I need to fill in, but I’m excited for copy review today. The Fuckening be damned — you can’t keep me from enjoying my work and story-telling!

5 – My recent health thing got worse.

It made no sense. I’d lose several hours each day. Everything I ate was causing me to black out and I’d wake up feeling worse, somehow??? I realized it’s been going on for several months now, and it got worse in the last 2 weeks… And I’m grateful that I work from home with a great boss who lets me get things done in my own time.

Because there’s no way I would have figured out what’s going on with my health without the current work environment I’m in. I definitely had NO time to “listen to my body” when dashing from classroom to classroom as a teacher.

Long story short, I figured it out (I listen to the professionals I hire, please DON’T give me medical advice, please DON’T project your fears about your own mortality onto me. I’m kidding. No I’m not).

I feel better, but I also respect that bodies fluctuate and deserve patience and compassion.

And I’m so grateful to be in an environment that gives me space to do that while still letting me be the best version of my copywriter self.

Because in my experience, teaching was NOT a space that was friendly to people with chronic illness, lol. (I have RECEIPTS.)

I know many teachers who feel stuck and under-appreciated…

And if that’s you…

You’re probably a super-talented person with a finely-honed set of skills that have been heightened by your experience as a teacher.

I don’t know you personally, but if I had to guess…

You’re stuck in the wrong environment… and the wrong job.

And I hope you find your path to an environment and profession where The Fuckening can throw the worst things at you… and you still get to enjoy what you’re doing, get paid well for it, and have a boss and team who appreciate you.

And if you’d like my help getting there…

Here’s what I’d like to offer you: my Classroom to Copy Coaching Program.

I’m looking for ONE transitioning teacher to work with, 1-on-1, over the course of the next 3 months.

Here’s what others have said about working with me:

Tania is the best person I know to help teachers transition to a career in copywriting. Not only because she’s done an amazing job of it herself… But because she is a truly caring person and, of course, a really good teacher! — Kevin Rogers, Founder of Copy Chief | Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Direct Response Copywriter Made $100M in Sales | Stand-up Comic.

Working with Tania was a singular pleasure. She helped me excel on the most elite copy team I’ve ever joined. Her remarkable talent in copy and teaching improved my copywriting, career trajectory and truly brought out the best in me as a team member. She’s thorough, detailed, and clearly in love with teaching others to thrive in copywriting. Thank you, Tania! — Michael Cassman, Copywriter, Grant Cardone Enterprises

Tania dissected my copy word by word, explaining what I did right and wrong. She provided both big-picture and micro-level feedback. My client loved the final version… but most important – I learned and can apply the new knowledge in my next piece of copy. I feel like my copywriting skills improved overnight. — Natalia Landau, Copywriter

You’ll get my full support to:

>> Transition smoothly out of teaching… and leave behind the stress and burnout…

>> Gain confidence in the qualities you already have as a teacher to become a great copywriter…

>> Leverage those qualities to grow your portfolio and find your first clients.

You’ll get all my secrets to:

>> Generating new client leads on LinkedIn without sending a single DM to a stranger

>> Getting consistent responses from the Copy Chief job board, Upwork, and whichever platform you’re using

>> Successful calls and email interactions with your dream clients

>> Creating a high-quality portfolio that sets you apart from other copywriters

>> Joining and participating in online copywriting communities to find more clients and work

Within 6 months of leaving teaching, I’ve used all of the above strategies to get a steady stream of qualified leads on LinkedIn… a response from every job I’ve applied for on Copy Chief and Upwork… projects with dream clients like Banyan Hill and Mirasee… a meaty in-house role at Cardone… and my current role with my dream client.

This is what the coaching program looks like:

>> You get one 30-minute coaching call every week for 3 months

>> You get coaching homework to complete every week

>> You can ask me anything via Voxer text messages/email during business hours. I’ll reply once a day.

>> You’ll get my support and coaching to work on:

>> Overcoming imposter syndrome and any mental blocks
>> Your copywriting portfolio
>> Getting clients and work
>> Talking to clients
>> Your networking skills

This is for you if:

You’re a transitioning teacher.

You want a career that lets you have more control over your schedule.

You’re looking for a job that allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

You’re eager to explore a career with more room for growth and advancement.

Sounds cool? We’ll also work well together if:

You already know what direct response copywriting is

OR You’ve taken this free 5-hour course (the same one that gave me a solid foundation to kickstart my copywriting career)

You know that copywriting is for you. Read this FAQ if you want to find out more.

Plus, to make this program work, I need to know if:

You can commit to 30 minutes of coaching a week.

You can commit to 3.5 hours of implementing our coaching homework every week.

You’re committed to leaving teaching in the next 12 months

You recognize this coaching relationship is only going to work if YOU put in the work too

Finally, you need these qualities — not just with me, but with copywriting in general:

You can meet deadlines.

You are open to feedback and actively seek opportunities to keep improving.

You have strong writing skills.

You’re curious and love research.

You show attention to detail.

You’re adaptable.

You’re self-motivated and take initiative

You’re disciplined in taking steps to becoming a copywriter.

This is NOT for you if:

You’re not a teacher.

You need to work on your English.

You’re not sure what direct response copywriting is.

You’re not sure yet if you’re going to leave teaching.

You’re not sure what to do AFTER leaving teaching.

You’re not keen on freelancing.

You think copywriting is easy or you think you know all there is to know about copywriting.

You can’t handle feedback.

You miss deadlines often.

You can’t commit to 4 hours a week to this program for the next 3 months.

You do not take ownership of your journey.

You think I’ll be finding work for you.


If you’re interested, feel free to contact me using the form below.

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to fill it out, and soon we’ll be discussing your next steps toward copywriting and leaving teaching.

Remember, I only have room in my schedule to take on 1 new client right now… and if you’re serious about leaving the classroom behind in the next 12 months, I’m here for you.

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