setting yourself up to succeed in copywriting

Are you as obsessed as I am with the routines of talented and successful people?

Have you ever tried to study their daily practices and figure out what really makes them tick?

Today, I want to talk about the NON-writing aspects of setting yourself up for success… especially in financial copywriting.

I’ll share how I created the most optimal conditions in which I could thrive as a copywriter, so I could get my dream job with Stansberry Research.

I don’t see a lot of discussion about this side of copywriting – especially in a high-stakes niche like financial copywriting which requires a lot of mental endurance…

Now here I was, with the opportunity of a lifetime…

One where I get to train for three months with the best copywriters in the financial industry and hopefully join their ranks.

I was playing in the big leagues now. 

I didn’t want there to be ANY reason to not succeed at this dream job.

So… here are all the things I did to set myself up for success.

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