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Joining Copy Chief also saved me a lot of time and overwhelm. 

First off, the community also comes with its own training dashboard where I had access to any and every type of training I could dream of – all at my fingertips. Instead of blowing my money on several different courses, I paid one fee and had everything I needed in one place.

Also, thanks to their unlimited copy critiques and high-quality feedback, I improved my copywriting very quickly, gained a strong sense of focus and confidence, and eventually… knew when I was ready to apply for jobs.

And when that time came, the forum already had its own job board with vetted job listings. There was no shortage of opportunities to apply for there!

Ready to join me and a super-friendly, supportive community of teachers-turned-copywriters? Go HERE to join us in the Copy Chief community. Note: as a Copy Chief affiliate I may earn a small commission when you join, at no cost to you.

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